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Wake up feeling refreshed and excited to start every morning with high-quality XYMOGEN formulas in convenient Condition-Specific MedPax 30-day dose packs. Start getting the sleep of your dreams.

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Sleep Naturally

Support your sleep cycle with superior formulas that promote good sleep health.

This condition-specific MedPax is designed to help calm muscles with traditionally used botanicals, such as valerian, passion flower, and hops, found in SynovX® Calm. Melatonin CR contains melatonin, a neurohormone that has been found to regulate many hormones, and its primary function appears to be the modulation of the body’s daily biological rhythms, including sleep. The ashwagandha in Ashwagandha 35 has been researched for its effects in supporting the body’s adaptation to physical and mental stressors and restoring sleep quality.*
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Sleep MedPax

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Why MedPax?

MedPax allows you to get all XYMOGEN tablets, capsules, and softgels and select WholeScripts’ products in convenient dose packs according to your personal nutritional needs. That’s why WholeScripts is the industry’s leading practitioner-trusted, high-quality nutraceutical solutions company.
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