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Keep seasonal immune challenges at bay with the convenience of 30-day dose packs from Condition-Specific MedPax. Immune-supporting supplements to prepare you for every season are just a click away.

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Supporting Immunity

When seasonal immune challenges go on offense, stay on defense with a healthy immune response.

Beta-glucan has been recognized for supporting immune system activity, including assisting your body’s first-line immune response and your T-cells. ImmunotiX 500™ provides a highly refined form of beta-glucan that studies show reduces acute immune challenge discomfort. Ascorbate, the reduced form of vitamin C used in Xcellent C™, has been found to effectively protect tissues and organs from oxidative damage and regenerate other antioxidants and stimulate and support immune function. A high dose of D3 is also included with D3 5000 to support the modulation of immune function.*
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Immune MedPax

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Why MedPax?

MedPax allows you to get all XYMOGEN tablets, capsules, and softgels and select WholeScripts’ products in convenient dose packs according to your personal nutritional needs. That’s why WholeScripts is the industry’s leading practitioner-trusted, high-quality nutraceutical solutions company.
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