Convenient Daily
Dose Packs

Your personalized nutritional supplements, dispensed in go-anywhere dose packs

Prioritize your well-being without sacrificing convenience.

Condition-Specific MedPax are designed to include leading XYMOGEN formulas in convenient 30-day dose packs.
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Forget About Sorting Bottles

You’ll no longer need to remember when, how much, and what to take.
MedPax box
Find your supplements
Search by name, categories, and other filters.
Add your supplements
Create a MedPax by adding three or more eligible supplements.
Review your MedPax
If all looks good, you can order it and we'll deliver it to you.

It's that simple.

With MedPax, you will be eliminating bottles, tubs, and cumbersome safety lids.

Why MedPax?

Because each packet is personalized to your needs

Small Packet, Huge Benefits
Everything you need is labeled for you.
A MedPax packet. Personalized with your name, labeled by time of day, and showing the enclosed supplement's name and quantity.

Because MedPax is great for people on the go

Eco-Friendly Box
With just one box, you'll save space at home. And the planet while you're at it.
The WholeScripts MedPax box.

Because with Autoship you won't run out of supplements

Autoship Refills
Refill your MedPax automatically and receive it every 30 days.
A calendar with the Autoship refill icon.
Get all the great supplements you need in convenient dose packs you can take with you anywhere you go.
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