Easy Applications

New account application process is only three steps instead of eight.


Your Own Ordering Site

Instead of having your patients go through a multi-step process using your referral code, get a customized WholeScripts’ webpage that your patients can use effortlessly.


Get Free Shipping Faster and Easier

Mix it up. All XYMOGEN invoices including MedPax, and formulas that come in bottles and cartons, can now be combined to fast-track you to the $200 minimum for free shipping.


More MedPax Options

Personalize your patients’ MedPax even more. Now you can recommend four dosing times—AM, PM, Bedtime, and Daily which can be instructed to be taken with or without food, making your patient compliance that much easier.


Fast Facts

WholeScripts’ dashboard shows your most important information at a glance. You get side-by-side comparisons of recommendations that resulted in patient orders as well your number of monthly MedPax and AutoShip orders.