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Professional Formulas

XYMOGEN's comprehensive catalog of professional-grade formulas is available through WholeScripts, registered practitioners, and authorized sites. Our restricted distribution helps control quality and our science-baked formulations will support your patients' health goals.

ePV Verified

Our industry-leading electronic pedigree verification (ePV) program is like an electronic fingerprint. It ensures you that each XYMOGEN formula is authentic and that the expiration and manufacture dates are factual, giving you peace of mind so you can recommend our formulas with confidence.

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Keeping pace with your patients’ health needs is so much less complicated with WholeScripts recommendations.

Use protocols
Create protocols for specific health concerns and easily add them to your recommendations.
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Spend less time on computer work. Send recommendations to a single patient or multiple patients simultaneously.
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Send SMS text and/or email notifications to your patients so they don’t miss a recommendation.

Wellness In a Box

Lead your patients to the path of good health with the convenience of MedPax dose packs.

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Add your formulas
Use default dosing or customize your own.
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Personalize packs by patient name or health concern.
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If all looks good you can order it or send it as a recommendation.

Create Your Own Digital Dispensary

Work smarter, not harder. With a WholeScripts digital dispensary you can focus on your patients, not your inventory.

Simplify Supplements
Instead of buying, storing, and selling all the products you want your patients to use, you can have them delivered directly to them when they need them.
Better patient compliance means better health.
With a WholeScripts digital dispensary your patients can access the products you know will help them reach their health goals.

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High-quality professional, nutritional and herbal supplements all in one place. It’s just one way we make whole healthcare a whole lot easier.

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