Nourish Your Beauty and pamper your skin

The Beauty of Condition-Specific MedPax is having top-quality XYMOGEN formulas in convenient 30-day dose packs to naturally support and nourish your skin. Enhance your beauty routine without the harsh chemicals.

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Nourish Your Beauty

Support your natural beauty by nurturing it with the right supplements.

RegeneMax® Plus is made with clinically tested ch-OSA® (choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) and complemented with biotin to nourish collagen, elastin, and keratin—proteins essential to hair, nail, and skin health. Additional vitamin A and vitamin C, found in Xcellent A 3000 and Xcellent C™, support collagen production, bone development, and hormone receptor function and provide retinoids, which regulate many cell types found within the skin.*
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Beauty MedPax

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Why MedPax?

MedPax allows you to get all XYMOGEN tablets, capsules, and softgels and select WholeScripts’ products in convenient dose packs according to your personal nutritional needs. That’s why WholeScripts is the industry’s leading practitioner-trusted, high-quality nutraceutical solutions company.
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