Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® Bath Crystals 1 kg

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® Bath Crystals 1 kg


A regular bath can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Even though you may have added all kinds of bath oils, your skin is robbed of moisture. Original Himalayan Bath Crystals support the natural, protective film of your skin, so even if you have dry skin, your skin will feel softer and more hydrated. Rich in minerals, a soak will ease tension, hydrate and cleanse.

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For daily use, dissolve 1 cup of Original Himalayan Bath Crystals in bath water at a temperature that you enjoy. Bathing during a Full Moon for Optimal Recovery and Rejuvenation: Your healing potential is at its peak two days before or after the night the moon is truly full. You’ll enjoy a detoxifying effect similar to a 3-day fast. Bathing during the Dark of the Moon for Emotional Release: Traditionally the last 3 days of the lunar cycle; or the time when the moon is absent from the night sky.

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