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With The WholeScripts
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WholeScripts is proud to announce its fulfillment app on Shopify. Learn the necessary details you need to integrate your Shopify store with the WholeScripts Fulfillment app.
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Integrate our WholeScripts Fulfillment app into your Shopify store to simplify order processing and tracking by automating your workflow.

Simplify your fulfillment process with WholeScripts!

Streamline your workflow by automating order transfers to WholeScripts and seamlessly receive tracking information and more.

Automating order transfers

Effortlessly automate order processing, eliminating manual errors and saving time.

Receive tracking information

Automatically update customers with tracking info as orders ship, improving transparency.

Complete order details

Access all order details in one place for better customer service and insights.

Inventory update

Get automatic inventory updates of WholeScripts' products every hour.

How it works

The WholeScripts Fulfillment app is a plug-and-play solution for customers looking to integrate their Shopify store with our fulfillment service.

The WholeScripts Fulfillment app will automatically pull products from orders placed at your Shopify store, which we will then fulfill.

Your Shopify orders come in under your WholeScripts account and get dropshipped to your customers without any extra charges. This is the same cost as placing an order from!

Automatically receive tracking updates for your orders on your Shopify order admin.

How To Get Started

Get started with Shopify!
Sign up for our Integrations program
First, log into WholeScripts, and go to our Shopify sign-up page.
Import products using our product importer
Then, start importing products from WholeScripts to your Shopify store. Import products.
Manage and see your online practice grow!
Finally, enjoy the benefits of putting XYMOGEN formulas in the hands of your customers.

Why WholeScripts?

One-stop ordering and recommending. Save time and effort by getting the very best products with the highest-grade ingredients all in one place
Exclusive XYMOGEN Formulas
WholeScripts is the only place to recommend or order XYMOGEN formulas.
Save it for Later
Preserve protocols, patient recommendations, and reoccurring order information to use again.
Patient Recommendations
Send patients individualized protocol recommendations via email or text.