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WholeScripts is proud to announce its partnership with Cerbo, a company specifically created for functional and integrative medicine specialists. This EHR platform is designed to support direct pay or cash-based practices and aims to streamline and innovate your healthcare practice.
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Introducing Cerbo

Cerbo is a full Electronic Health Records system and Patient Portal, meaning that just about everything that your healthcare office does in the day-to-day can be done in Cerbo.

The Cerbo Platform – A Powerfully Nice EHR

Electronic Health Records
Better charting to easily add notes, diagnostics, prescriptions, and more. Seamlessly Integrates with numerous labs, pharmacies, and specialists. Easily prescribe and manage supplement prescriptions.
Practice Management
Simplify your workload with scheduling, integrated billing, robust reporting, inventory management, and task management tools.
Onboarding and Experience
Friendly, responsive, real-time support. Flexible workflows to fit your practice. Personalized onboarding with an implementation manager to fit the need of your practice.
Patient Portal
Connect with patients via a secure, fully interactive, easy-to-use and custom-branded Patient Portal. Give patients direct online access to their medical records and other health information.

How To Get Started With Cerbo

Step 1
Try a demo of the Cerbo platform
Step 2
Sign up for Cerbo
Like what you see and hear? Sign up for Cerbo! We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs or fees.
Step 3
Start the onboarding and training process with an account manager
Each new clinic is assigned its own account manager - a friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive guide through the onboarding and training process.
Step 4
Join the Cerbo Community
Consider joining the Cerbo User's Facebook Group. This is a forum for users to share ideas, workflows and information.
Step 5
Make your life and your patients’ lives easier with a powerfully nice EHR
Cerbo is used by MDs, DOs, NDs, and other functional and integrative practitioners. Other current users are RDs, NPs, and PAs.

Why WholeScripts?

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Exclusive XYMOGEN Formulas
WholeScripts is the only place to recommend or order XYMOGEN formulas.
Save it for Later
Preserve protocols, patient recommendations, and reoccurring order information to use again.
Patient Recommendations
Send patients individualized protocol recommendations via email or text.