TheralacPRO 31 Capsules

TheralacPRO 31 Capsules

Broad Spectrum Probiotic
Clinical Applications
  • Contains 50 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per capsule; potency guaranteed through expiration when kept refrigerated.
  • Patented Deep Delivery ensures survival through the stomach and complete colonization throughout the gut.
  • Contains LactoStim®, a patented prebiotic that rehydrates the freeze-dried probiotic cells and provides key nutrition, increasing probiotic growth and activity.
  • Third party lab tests posted online guarantee potency, purity, and activity of every lot.
  • Each strain is listed individually and has a well-documented history of efficacy.

TheralacPRO® offers a proven balance of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotics to support digestive and immune health throughout the entire G.I. tract.*

Product Overview

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Take 1 capsule daily. Take 2 capsules a day for additional digestive support. TheralacPRO® can be taken with antibiotics; allow at least 2 hours separation.

If you are pregnant, nursing, on medication or have any medical condition consult a health care professional before using this product. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reaction occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

Milk, Eggs, Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Casein, Nuts, Seafood, or Beef Products.

** Any claims presented are made by the manufacturer and not by WholeScripts or the parent company.
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