AdrenOm 90 Capsules

AdrenOm 90 Capsules

Adrenal Support*

Ayush Herbs AdrenOmâ„¢ is a unique adrenal health supplement that focuses on all aspects of balancing adrenal health and support for periods of high stress. It achieves this balance by employing energizing herbs such as Maca, Shilajit, and Rhodiola and combining them with relaxing herbs such as Ashwagandha, Magnolia, Shatavari, and Tulsi. Additionally, key nutrients Magnesium and phytosomal Quercetin nourish the adrenal glands and promote a calm and focused attention. The result is a supplement that helps provide the extra energy and focus desired while simultaneously nourishing the adrenal glands and promoting a sense of calm and focus.*

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1 capsule daily. Consult your healthcare provider before using this or any supplement.

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