An Online Store
Like No Other.

WholeScripts is proud to announce its partnership with, a custom online store for health practitioners with all the built-in marketing tools needed for eCommerce success.
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Register right away to gain access to our more than 300 high-quality supplements and herbal brands. Once approved, you can start sending recommendations to your patients.
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Get a store branded to your business that is owned by you, access to over 250 vetted brands across 7 categories that you can recommend, including supplements, testing kits, home care, and more, and an open online experience so you can increase conversion rate with marketing.

What does GetHealthy deliver?

GetHealthy is the only integrated revenue growth platform that brings ecommerce and marketing together — at a fraction of what it would cost for practices to build these capabilities themselves.

The GetHealthy Platform Delivers

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Practice-owned and branded eCommerce site
  • Owned by, and personalized, for your practice
  • Fully managed ecommerce operations, including fulfillment and integration with the clinic
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Access to supplements and other health product categories
  • Categories include supplements, food/nutrition, equipment, personal care, home care, and testing
  • Custom product curation and protocols
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Integrated marketing services
  • Social-digital integration
  • Content management
  • Promotion management
  • Email campaign management
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Private-label management
  • Customized, practice-branded products and protocols
  • Merchandise private labels on your store with other supplements and categories
  • Warehousing and distribution available from GetHealthy

How To Get Started with GetHealthy

Get started with!
Step 1
Set up a demo to determine if is right for you
Step 2
Fill out your paperwork
Step 3
While your store is being built, set it up!
Step 4
Connect your bank account once your store is built
Step 5
Start strategizing with a marketing specialist

Why WholeScripts?

One-stop ordering and recommending. Save time and effort by getting the very best products with the highest-grade ingredients all in one place
Exclusive XYMOGEN Formulas
WholeScripts is the only place to recommend or order XYMOGEN formulas.
Save it for Later
Preserve protocols, patient recommendations, and reoccurring order information to use again.
Patient Recommendations
Send patients individualized protocol recommendations via email or text.