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WholeScripts is proud to announce its partnership with 3X4 Genetics, a digital health company that is pioneering the application of genomics to improve human health and optimize everyday performance. This partnership will give you the detailed information you need to create customized protocol recommendations for your patients.
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3X4 Genetics Results -
Arina's Story

Arina was baffled by why she just couldn’t lose weight. With specific genetic information she learned about herself from 3X4 Genetics, she and her dietician came to understand her unique needs.

The 3X4 Insights Platform - A Powerful Practitioner Tool

The 3X4 Genetic Insights Platform delivers across four main areas:
Genetic Testing
3X4 Genetics tests over 148 genes and uses a proprietary algorithm to score each clients’ results.
Blueprint Report
Test results are compiled in a comprehensive Blueprint report that clearly defines your patient’s health based on their unique genetics.
Education + Clinical Mentorship
Robust education and clinical mentorship programs available to 3X4 Genetics members.
The 3X4 Community
With approximately 1,800 practitioners in the community, you can share with others and find useful information to help you elevate your practice.

How To Get Started with 3X4

Step 1
Create an Account with 3X4
Sign-up and create an account on 3X4 e-commerce web portal. By creating an account you will be able to order test kits and register for the 3X4 Community.
Step 2
Start offering 3X4 genetic tests to your patients
Using the 3X4 e-commerce portal, you will be able to order and purchase the test kits that you then resell to your clients. The client will take the kit home and swab, following the instructions and then send back to 3X4 for testing. Once the testing is complete - between 4-6 weeks - you and your client will receive a pdf of the Blueprint report with over 20 pages of actionable recommendations for your client. The cost of the test for Wholescripts Practitioners is $299 and is not covered by insurance. Practitioners in the 3X4 network resell tests to clients for $350 or more.
Step 3
Complete a Blueprint report training
You will need to complete a 90 minute training on how to interpret the Blueprint report. This provides you with all the information needed to become familiar with the report results, how they are presented and the recommendations. You signup for this training via the 3X4 Community. 3X4 recommends you purchase your first kit for yourself to experience the power of 3X4 testing, results and recommendations.
Step 4
Join the 3X4 Community
This is an online Community for all things 3X4 and built for practitioners. You can join free of charge and access the Blueprint training, attend live-streaming webinars, sign-up for training and mentorship programs, and engage with other practitioners. For $9.99 a month you can become an Elite Community member with access to archival training and education courses, have first hand access to industry experts, including 3X4 founder Dr. Yael Joffe and more.
Step 5
Transform your patients' lives with the power of genetic testing
The 3X4 Genetics platform is used by MDs, NDs, and other integrative practitioners. A majority of current users are RDs, Nutritionists, Nurse Practitioners and Chiropractors.
3x4 Genetics Sample Report

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Download a sample report to see the types of actionable insights our genetic tests can provide!
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