New Brand Onboarding

Latest update 2023/05/17

Asset requirements from new brands set the stage for a successful partnership which is essential for creating impactful and effective marketing campaigns.

Asset Requirements

Brand Logo

Preferably all logos should be submitted in vector format such as AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF. High-resolution image formats such as JPG or PNG might work as well.

Product Images

Please provide all your product images with transparent backgrounds in PNG image format. Images should be high-resolution and be no less than 500px in height. The product images must reflect the label of what was onboarded and what is in stock.

Tagline or Headline

A short phrase you use as part of your branding or promotional material. Should be 30 characters in length or less.

Company Description

A short paragraph telling the story of your brand or sharing your mission statement. Should be 400 characters in length or less.


If available, please send any marketing content such as a brand guideline book and brochure for each product in PDF format. This will be used for visual reference and use of your brand colors

Process & Specs

Asset Review

Once these assets are provided, our internal team will review the assets to make sure they meet the requirements and pass the regulatory approval process.

Design Review

The brand partner designs the banner by following the below specs. The banner needs to be submitted to our internal team for internal review.


Runtime 2 weeks
  • Practitioner's Dashboard Page
  • Patient's Landing Page
URL Destination
  • Brand page
File Sizes
  • Desktop Large: 3060x300px at 300Kb max
  • Desktop Small: 1800x300px at 200Kb max
  • Tablet: 1400x330px at 200Kb max
  • Mobile: 700x300px at 70Kb max
Note: The banners will be displayed at half the size of what we are requesting to preserve the quality. Ex: 3060x300px will be displayed at 1530x150px on the site.
  • Brand logo
  • Tagline/Headline
  • Product image(s)
  • The minimum font-size is 30px
  • "New Brand" badge on the top-left corner
  • "Order Now" button on Large and Small Desktop banners. Button is optional on Tablet and Mobile banners.
PSD Template Download PSD File

Creative Example

The PSD Template was used to create 4 banner sizes that adapt from large desktop to mobile screen sizes. Clicking the ad will redirect customers to the brand page showcasing its catalog of products. These banners are for visual reference only. You can see the actual banner sizes once you login to your WholeScripts account.